Siberian Elm Structural Wiring

This siberian elm that I dug last winter is really coming into its own. It needed a first full structural wiring and I had to take off a large chunk in the back.

Here is a view of the portion that I cut off beforehand.

Here you can see the notch I cut out of the backside of the trunk. I had to cut down halfway and then start from the side to meet the downward cut.

Overall it looks pretty clean from the front. Having that primary branch coming out from the left of the upper cut will help to heal that opening quickly.

Here are photos from the backside, then the front. I know that either could realistically be the front, but for the moment I have liked the base from the second photo below.

The front:

Below you can see the old wire scares from early spring on the primary branch. I made sure to wire the same direction and offset the wire to not damage the healing that has taken place.

Last but not least is my attempt at a overhead view. Not exactly professional photography, but hey you get the idea roughly.

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