Hardwood Cutting Propagation

Winter isn’t every gardener’s favorite time. Things die, gardens don’t look as good, and the fall color is gone. All that said, I love winter just because of the propagation aspect of hardwood cuttings. They are the easiest form of cuttings to propagate from and there never seems to be a lack of branches to prune for cuttings. Take around a 6″ cutting of a branch and cut right below a node for the bottom, count up 3 nodes and cut above the 3rd node, then stick in some well draining soil (pot or ground) and keep is moist until it buds out in the summer.

While my main interest in bonsai, I run a plant nursery. That leads to propagating as many varieties and species in large quantities when I propagate. Above I have fruitless mulberry, plum root stock, and mulberry cuttings. Below is where I add around 200+ cuttings of chinese elm, forsythia, pomegranate, and zelkova serrata.

Tamarisk Salt Cedar Hardwood Cuttings Large
Thick Tamarisk hardwood cuttings that will root with ease

Winter is just getting started and there is time for you to get some done! I still have plenty of mulberry, thornless honeylocust, grapes, blueberries, butterfly bush, goji berry, pomegranate, willow, california sycamore, cottonwood, and flowering plum to go!

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