Bonsai Resources

Updated: 7/19/2018

Worldwide Bonsai Gardens, Nurseries, and Shops:

Worldwide Map

Websites: – Must read for beginners!– Great articles! – Bonsai Plant Physiology


Pot Vendors:

Rocky Mountain Bonsai has a solid list of pot vendors

Soil Discussions:

Adamaskwhy(As a side note, High Desert Bonsai-ers, Benny Kim runs 50% pumice with 50% lava. I add a bit of Turface personally)

Water Retention Comparison Video

Freeze Thaw Cycles Comparison Video


Reddit FAQ

Forums and Discussion:

Bonsai Reddit

Mirai Forum

Youtube Channels:

Nigel Saunders

The Bonsai Student

Local Southern California Clubs:

Los Angeles:

Dai Ichi Bonsai Kai
Ko Yu Kai Shohin Club
Descanso Bonsai Society
California Bonsai Society
Santa Anita Bonsai Society
Sansui Kai of Southern California
Conejo Valley Bonsai Society
South Coast Bonsai Association
Marina Bonsai Club
Sanpu Kai
Shohin Bonsai Society (Arcadia)
Baiko-en Bonsai Kenkyu Kai (Arcadia)
San Gabriel Valley Satsuki Bonsai Society

Orange County:
Kofu Bonsai Kai
Orange County Bonsai Society
Orange Empire Bonsai Society
Satsuki Bonsai Society of Orange County
Vietnamese Bonsai Society
Hoi Bonsai Viet (Westminster)

Inland Empire:
Chino Bonsai Club
Inland Empire Bonsai

San Diego County:
San Diego Bonsai Society
San Pu Kai Bonsai Club

North of L.A.:
Bonsai Club of Santa Barbara
Santa Maria Bonsai Club
Central Coast Bonsai Club (Nipomo)
*California Bonsai Studio

*Not a club, but has $10 training meetings and free monthly workshops, so it’s like a club

Southern California Bonsai Nurseries:

Benny Kim

Kimura Bonsai

Chikugo-En Nursery

House of Bonsai

To learn about specific species and their care head to my Bonsai Information page