Siberian Elm Fall Update

This is what the midsummer pruning left me with after collection this last winter. I’m really growing to love this tree.

Here is a bit of the fall foliage color after one of our hard freezes that interrupted our wonderful fall.

Fall is the time for vascular growth. This is the swelling of a large summer cut that is starting to callous over and roll over from the outsides. You can also see below that the deep wire scars that were from the spring wire are almost filled out just with one season of vascular growth.

To see the previous scars of the wire look at the progression series of this tree.

Portulacaria Afra Styling

This little guy had a good amount of time to get set in the pot after the repotting session where I cut almost all the roots off. Obviously looking a bit overgrown, I game it a rough initial styling and pruning.

This is where I ended up once I was done styling. I know this needs to be compacted more, needs a lower right branch to fill that empty space, and shortened branches once they backbud and give me more to work with.

I’m still excited about the future of this Cork Bark Port.

Corkbark Portulacaria Afra #1

Corkbark Portulacaria Afra #1

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Progression Photos:

I found this guy abandoned at a wholesale nursery in a 1 gallon pot for $5, jealous I know. I noticed the cork bark on it and grabbed it immediately. Here are a couple of photos of the trunk from different angles:img_4501img_4498

This is the hollow that is most likely going to be the front of the tree. It will make a great trunk for a bonsai tree regardless of what I choose to be the front, but I wanted to accentuate that hollow and the other lower branch that comes off of it.

As Portulacaria Afra are known for, they can be propagated extremely by cutting branches off and letting them root before watering them. I knew that I could be pretty extreme with the initial repot, especially if I left a lot of foliage.
All of the downward growing roots were cut off leaving a small amount of fine roots.
I then left this tree in shade outside and didn’t prune any branches during the process of the repot. I’m using the photosynthetic ability of the leaves to serve as a reservoir while it establishes roots, and as a way to help it establish quicker.